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We accept applications for our Apprenticeship program daily.  Please stop in to drop off or email directly to

Once enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program, the apprentice will receive a series of courses from the national UA University. These courses cover the entire scope of subjects necessary to become a Knowledgeable Plumber, Pipefitter or HVACR Service Technician. Earn your college degree through the UA University.

Enter Apprenticeship

You will be become a member of Local 693 once you have been accepted into the Apprenticeship program. The Apprentice starts work at a percentage of the Journeyman wage. Every six months of the five-year program, the apprentice records are reviewed to make sure that there is satisfactory progress both on-the-job and in the related training courses. Satisfactory progress means advancement to the next classification and a wage increase until the Apprentice completes the five-year program.

1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Must have a high school diploma or GED.
3. Must be physically fit to do the work of the trade.
4. Must have other than dishonorable discharge from the military (if applicable).
5. Must pass appropriate drug test.

Wage & Benefits:
The wage rate of apprentices is determined by the Grade and Class of the apprentice. The Apprentice will receive the appropriate percentage of the Journeyman wage rate in the state where he/she is working. The wage rate is negotiated, based on the economic conditions of the state. All apprentices will participate in a Health and Welfare program that provides medical coverage and life insurance. In addition, apprentices will start building a Pension once they meet the stipulated requirements to begin participation. Both the Health & Welfare and Pension programs are among the finest in the construction industry.

Nationwide Union
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 693 is a nationwide local union. This gives the members of Local 693 the flexibility to work in almost any part of the United States they would like to seek employment. The career of the Plumber – Pipefitter or HVACR Service Tech can provide a range of opportunities for achievement. Once an apprentice successfully completes the apprenticeship program and becomes a Journeyman, many opportunities lie ahead. You can work as a foreman, move up to superintendent or even move into management with a company. On the other hand, you can strive to continue building on the most respected labor unions in the construction industry. Being identified as a Plumber – Pipefitter or HVACR Service Tech is both rewarding and fulfilling.

The JATC ("The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee") is comprised of an equal number of Union and Contractor representatives who are dedicated to the education of the Industry. Call today for more information (802) 864-4042 ext 13 or email us.

  In addition to our 5-year apprenticeship training program, we offer continuing education to our journeyman including: 
Welding Certification
Plumbing Code Updates
Service & Repair 
OSHA Safety
Computer Basics
Residential Work 
Medical Gas Piping
Computer Aided Design
And much more... 

Click Here to view and print the Vermont Apprenticeship Application

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