State of Vermont: Reopening Construction Guidelines

A release from the State of Vermont on the reopening of construction sites and the associated guidelines

The construction sector may operate limited in-person operations in accordance with the April 17th guidance, including restricting work crews to two people per location/job and following mandatory health safety recommendations. Only construction needed to support the COVID-19 response, maintain critical infrastructure, or for the safety, sanitation and operations of residences or businesses is allowed to operate beyond this scope of the April 17th guidance.
Construction that maintains critical infrastructure includes those activities that support businesses providing critical services and functions (like health care operations and food production) as enumerated in the Addendum 6 order. Permissible construction that supports those critical businesses remains limited to only the services necessary to the business’s core functions that the Governor deemed critical. By contrast, projects not supporting a critical function or not urgent should only proceed in accordance with the two-person limitation established in the April 17th Addendum 10. Examples of construction not limited to the two-person limitation include replacing a failing roof, failed electrical system, or broken waterline, providing services to a hospital, or repairing a dairy barn or food production facility. Additionally, jobsites should be left in a safe and secure manner before ceasing in-person construction.
Construction crews returning to work under the Work Safe provisions of Addendum 10 and the April 17th guidance must remember that the intent of the new guidance is to reduce the density of workers at construction sites and reduce gatherings at construction sites. Construction companies must not return to “normal” operations. The April 17th guidance allows construction to occur with no more than 2 people per location/job. A location/job may be a single property, a single house, a floor of a large multi-story property, or a distinct separate physical location on a larger construction property. In instances where more than 2 people are working on a large project (for instance, 2 people on floor one and 2 people on floor 3), those individuals must not come into contact. Start times must be staggered to avoid gatherings, breaks should be staggered, and job meetings exceeding 2 people must not occur.
The Agency interprets unoccupied to mean uninhabited properties. Indoor construction should not occur in occupied properties, whether the homeowner is present or not.