Join Local 693

If you’re a business owner or craftsman and want to work alongside the best in your industry then joining UA Local 693 is the right move for you. We have been helping businesses grow for over 50 years and have been able to offer members better benefits, pay and working conditions at the same time.

Contractors/Business Owners:

UA Local 693 has been helping residential and commercial businesses grow in Vermont for decades and we would love to help you grow yours. Our experience and a strong understanding of the industry gives us a leg up compared to non-union companies in the state. Our connections in the industry are a priceless asset for our contractors to use as they have the opportunity to bid on and win more jobs than they have prior to joining Local 693. We here at UA Local 693 offer many things for contractors who want to join, see below for a list:

  • Healthcare and Retirement Benefits Programs (Select an affordable benefits program that is right for your business)
  • Administration (Let us handle your administrative duties so you can focus on your business)
  • Access to continuing education for all workers and state registered apprentice program
  • Assist you with creative marketing and advertising campaigns so you can get your business out there
  • Our Contractor Group (is large and is continuing to grow, being part of it allows you to collaborate with other businesses on jobs if you need assistance)

Potential Members 

Improving overall working conditions and compensation packages is what we do best for members who are looking to get more out of their career. We have the ability to offer you better pay and benefits with our signatory contractors. We’re hiring and we want you to join so you can receive more for you and your family. If you’re ready to make a positive impact on the industry and work for a UA Local 693 Contractor we’re ready for you and can’t wait for the opportunity to talk to you about it. Below are a few of the many things we offer UA Local 693 workers:

  • Industry-leading Healthcare and Retirement packages
  • Higher wages
  • Better working conditions
  • Free continuing education and license/code updates
  • Opportunity to travel and work for other locals across the United States and Canada

If you’re interested in joining UA Local 693 call us at 802-864-4042 ext. #10.